The "Letter" and the new way of its distribution


ince 14 years, from Easter 1994 to Easter 2008, a little periodical, “The Letter”, was distributed to friends and some friends of friends. The idea was communication and the exchange of nice texts, photos, poems, comments, news from positive social or ecological efforts etc. It included art news and reproductions of pictures or sculpture of the great artists. Of the contents some were prototype, others were reprints from the greek and foreign Press or exerpts from classic or psychological books. You could also find poems, psychological tests, nice sayings or jokes. The suscribers were sending their writ­ings or those of others, they found nice stories and thoughts inspiring and moving and they contributed in general to the drawing up of the Letter. The distribution of the periodical was free and the copying and publishing of its contents was –and is– free.
   We had fun with this magazine all these years. It was a connective link between us. From the letters we have received, from the phone calls and the requests to subscribe other persons, it was clear that the “Letter” offered not only a lovely reading, but it became a real companion for the mind and the heart of the subscribers, so that others expected to receive it as a dear company and others kept the issues because they beleived that many stories and other texts therein were worth to be filed. The variety of the material of “The Letter” made others happy or excited with this and others with that. Translations of funny poems from the English were re­published in other periodicals, (for example “The Thief of Biscuits” by Valerie Cox – Γράμμα αριθ. 40– and “New Year Eve” by Ms. Kitty – Γράμμα αριθ. 53).        

   As years –and the age of the owner and editor and forwarder– passed, difficulties appeared, especially as far as posting of “The Letter” was concerned. The problems were not economic, but the toil and trouble of dispatching each issue given all the proceedings imposed by the General Secret­ariat of Communication. So from now on it will be dispatched electronically –as an attached file to messages – and its material, old and new, will be available in a site of the Internet, where  everybody will be able to read it.

   Electronic dispatch has many advantages. The number of readers will be finally much greater – without cost for anybody. The subscribers will be able to print as many copies as they like and to forward the periodical or parts of it to others. They will be able to save contents in their computer files. Those who have no computer or are not connected to the Internet, are finding someone, usually younger, at home or among relatives, that will print “The Letter” for them. The wonderful and quick new medium of communication being already so popular, very few subscribers, mainly those living alone, will not find a way to receive the new issues. Depending on their number, some way will be found for them too, not to lose this com­munication and company.

   But this is not the first time “The Letter” enters the Internet, nor the first time its material is translated to English and offered to the whole world. In this same site some of its material had appeared in greek and english. Also my nephew Nikos Kopelias (Kozani) had uploaded some issues in the past. The effort was interrupted. From these texts, people in Turkey and Netherlands took notice of the pages of the physician Paul Tournier and contacted us through e-mail massages...    

   Now let us continue together. Send your e-mail if you have not done so. Send your contribution to be published. This time you will be able to type your comments yourselves about “The Letter” in a special “guestbook”, available to anyone to see and write. And contact the owner very quickly through a message to < >


Manos Tselikas and his wife Vassiliki