Here you can find the extras from previous issues


Letter 100

The most beautiful things in the world

Voyage to the center of the earth

A village in Afghanistan

Tree carvings

Wire art

The marvel of nature: amazing photography
Sent by Shirley Saunders

Cat lover or not these will make you smile

How to hide an elephant

Six-year-old pianist


Letter 99

Τhree Men

One big trainset

Bill's car wash

Sent by Shirley Saunders

Photos or paintings?

Sent by Christoforos Zikidis

Best contractor award

Trees where we can't imagine them


Letter 98

Greece, flowers and Nana Moushouri

Adorable Twelve Commandments

Sent by Shirley Saunders

The best email of this year

Sent by John and Eva Amarantidou


Letter 97

Phenomenal wonders of the natural world

Strange buildings

Mind blowing images of birds

Creative nature photographs

Sent by Ντίκη Μακαρίου

Thessaloniki like you've never seen it before

Sent by Σάρα Σουλάκοβα

Video of the immigration of Greeks to the USA


Letter 96


Letter 95

The most dangerous tourist path in the world

Make a difference

How to play violin


Letter 94

Bird songs

Croatia: A piece of Heaven

Amazing work with toothpicks

Landscapes from Greece

The Shell House

Mozart in the office

Sand Animation

Click on the cat!


Letter 93

Aquarelles from Greece

The parrot-flower


Letter 92




Letter 91

Cactus flowers


Letter 90

Watermelon festival


Letter 88

The page of Tasos Oikonomou